• Harsh Reverse
  • Delayed engagement
  • High line pressure
  • Low line pressure
  • No line rise
  • Converter concerns


Constant oscillation of the main regulator valve and/or the boost regulator valve in their bores creates wear which can result in oil pressure loss or cross leaks and valve malfunction.


Sonnax now offers an oversized valve kit for both the main regulator valve and boost regulator valve kit to restore proper clearance to the bore and prevent oil loss.


Tool kit F-119940-TL73 is no longer in production but may be available from distributor inventory.

096, 097, 098

Oversized Boost Regulator Valve Kit
Part No. 119940-07K

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In VW/Audi 096, 097 and 098 units, wear at the inboard end of the boost regulator bore can reduce the ability of EPC/TV pressure to stroke this valve open. Full boost exiting this valve combines forces with the main regulator spring, increasing line pressure. Sonnax oversized boost regulator valve kit 119940-07K allows the bore to be refurbished and restore proper pressure control.

  • Hardcoat anodized aluminum valves combat premature wear
  • O-Ringed end plug positively seals the bore and prevents regulated boost line pressure from exhausting
  • A replacement ratcheting end plug is included as the OE one often breaks
  • Valve
  • Ratcheting End Plug
  • 096, 097, 098 Oversized Boost Regulator Valve Kit 119940-07K
  • 096, 097, 098 Oversized Boost Regulator Valve Kit 119940-07K