• Broken end plugs
  • No shift
  • Uncontrolled shifts


End plugs damaged from overheating or by valve contact


These shift cups are made from die-cast aluminum for a long-lasting solution.


For '98-later 01M, 01N and 01P valve bodies, the OE K1 actuator valve shift cup is solid and not drilled through. DO NOT USE the Sonnax small shift cup 119940-11 in this valve bore. Instead, reuse the OE shift cup. '97-Earlier units will use the small Sonnax shift cup at the K1 actuator bore.

01M, 01N, 01P

Shift Cup Kit
Part No. 119940K

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Sonnax offers shift cup kit 119940K for VW/Audi 01M, 01N and 01P units. These are drop-in replacements for the OE shift cups, and are made from die-cast aluminum for a long-lasting solution. Small, medium and large shift cups are available separately, or as kit 119940K, which includes the following:

(2) Medium shift cups [119940-10] located at 3-4 regulator valve and 2-3 regulator valve.

(4) Small shift cups 119940-11 located at B2 actuator valve, K1 actuator valve (see Warning above), K-1 cushion valve and K3 manual low valve.

(1) Large shift cup [119940-12] located at main pressure regulator valve.

  • Made from die-cast aluminum for longer life.
  • No modifications to valve body required.
  • Shift Cups (4) Medium
  • Shift Cups (4) Small
  • Shift Cup (4) Large
  • O-Ring
  • Material: Aluminum
  • 01M, 01N, 01P Shift Cup Kit 119940K