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  • Low line pressure in Drive range
  • Erratic pressure
  • High line pressure in Reverse
  • Delayed engagement
  • No lockup


A worn pressure regulator bore and valve.


The Sonnax oversized pressure regulator kit salvages worn valve bodies by restoring the hydraulic integrity of the pressure regulator circuits.

09A, JF506E

Oversized Pressure Regulator Valve Kit
Part No. 122892-03K

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Constant movement of the pressure regulator valve wears the valve body bore. Bore/valve wear causes erratic line pressure, resulting in delayed engagements, loss of lockup and high or low line pressure, depending on the area and extent of wear. Sonnax offers a oversized pressure regulator valve kit 122892-03K to restore hydraulic pressure control in Jatco JF506E and Volkswagen AG5/09A units.

These valve and tool kits also service Jatco FP series; Ford JF506E, FPH; Jaguar JF506E, FPD; Mazda JA5A-EL FPF1/FPF2; Rover JF506E, FPO; and Nissan ZY units.

  • Valve
  • Spring
  • End Plug
  • 122892 03k combo
  • 122892 03k