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  • Damaged TCC linings
  • Loss of power
  • Lube failures
  • TCC codes & concerns


Severe bore wear at the TC pressure regulator valve bore.


Oversize the bore and install the wear resistant sleeve, replacement valve and calibrated spring to re-establish correct converter oil pressure and cooler flow.

09A, JF506E

TC Pressure Regulator Valve & Sleeve Kit
Part No. 122892-10K

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Severe wear of the TC pressure regulator valve bore in VW/Audi 09A and Jatco JF506E units results in leakage of converter release/lube/cooler oil pressure that compromises unit durability, resulting in damaged TCC linings, overheated converters and lube failures. Reconditioning the bore and installing Sonnax TC pressure regulator valve and sleeve kit 122892-10K restores the hydraulic integrity of the circuit allowing you to salvage these valve bodies.

  • Salvage valve bodies with worn TC PR valve bores
  • Restores normal converter charge and cooler flow
  • Corrects harsh or no TCC apply, TCC slipping and burn-up

This kit also services Jatco FP series; Ford JF506E, FPH; Jaguar JF506E, FPD; Mazda JA5A-ELFPF1/FPF2; Rover JF506E, FPO; and Nissan ZY units.

  • Valve
  • Sleeve
  • Spring
  • 122892 10k combo
  • 122892 10k

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  • 122892 10k in test