• Loss of lubrication oil to planetaries
  • Reverse drum, retainer & planet failure


Excessive clearance between the overdrive piston retainer and intermediate shaft reduces lube flow to the gear train.


Seal compensates for variations in case I.D. Oil is delivered to maximum load points on shaft. Optional oversized reverse drum journal allows salvage of reverse drum.

42RE, 42RH

Piston Retainer Kit
Part No. 12962N-01K

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Sonnax piston retainer kit 12962N-01K and oversized piston retainer kit 12962N-02K allows rebuilders to salvage the expensive reverse drum in Chrysler 42RE and 42RH units. The oversized piston retainer requires only turning the I.D. of the drum using a lathe and then installing as normal.

  • Can be used in hydraulic or electonicly governed units
  • O-Ring prevents loss of lube oil. Many OE supports do not seal well in this area.
  • Two O.D. oil delivery grooves have been repositioned at high-load areas.
  • Two I.D. oil delivery grooves run full length of load-bearing surface.
  • Band drum diameter (standard and oversized) allows drum I.D. to be turned.
  • High-quality aluminum resists gauling.
  • Piston Retainer 6 Bolt
  • O-Ring
  • Plugs (2)

  • 42RE, 42RH Piston Retainer Kit 12962N-01K
  • 42RE, 42RH Piston Retainer Kit 12962N-01K
  • 42RE, 42RH Piston Retainer Kit 12962N-01K