1.69 Ratio Extreme Gear Set
Part No. 169S3-K

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Sonnax offers complete GM Powerglide planetary gear sets in a variety of gear set options and configurations to ensure you get the performance you want without overpaying or sacrificing quality.

Track-proven to 3,000 HP, Sonnax Extreme gears build the finest quality Powerglide planetaries in the world, when every component has to be refined for maximum durability in the most demanding applications. 1.69 Ratio Extreme gear set 169S3-K features Sonnax premium sun and pinion gears that also undergo the same advanced processing used in Formula 1, NASCAR® and other high-end professional racing circuits.

  • Top-quality sun and pinion gears undergo additional advanced processing for unmatched durability
  • Ring gear is pre-drilled for the Sonnax stabilizer system to prevent vibration and broken reverse friction plates
  • 12-Tooth billet drum flange is broached and matched to the sun gear for a precise press fit, no welding required

See chart and specs below to determine if this planetary assembly suits your application, or dial in options here to choose your build.


Track-Proven to 1,500 HP


Track-Proven to 2,000 HP


Track-Proven to 3,000 HP

Sonnax Warranty 1 Year (Gears Only) 2 Years (Gears Only) 2 Years (Gears & Shaft)
Gear Material 9310 Suns
8620 Pinions
9310 Suns
9310 Pinions
9310 Suns
9310 Pinions
Gear Process Premium Premium
Advanced (Learn More)
Shaft Material Long Shaft = 4340
Short Shaft = HY-Tuf
Long Shaft = 4340
Short Shaft = HY-Tuf
Shaft Splines Cut Spline Cut Spline Rolled Spline
Thrust Washers OE Steel-Backed PTFE Steel-Backed PTFE
Ring Gear Standard Standard Maximum Duty

Applies to planetary assembly kits only

  • Short Pinion Gears (3)
  • Long Pinion Gears (3)
  • Front Sun Gear
  • Rear Sun Gear
  • Drum Flange 12-Tooth
  • Ring Gear
  • Gear Process Level: Extreme
  • Ratio: 1.69
  • Flange Tooth Count: 12
  • Powerglide 1.69 Ratio Extreme Gear Set 169S3-K