• Burnt bands
  • No Reverse
  • Rear servo piston sticking/breakage


Piston cocking in bore and pin bore wear inhibits band apply.


This billet aluminum piston resists breakage and rounded seal ridges prevent the piston from sticking in the case bore.

42RE, 42RH, A904

Rear Servo Piston
Part No. 22912A

OE Part No. 2801271

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Many Chrysler A904 and 42H/RE transmissions experience rear servo piston sticking/breakage, pin bore wear and reverse band slippage. The servo piston has a tendency to get cocked in the bore, inhibiting band apply. The high reverse line pressure continues to apply against a cocked piston, causing piston breakage. The bore of the piston also wears from side loading, resulting in insufficient band apply pressure. Sonnax billet aluminum rear servo piston 22912A addresses these problems.

  • Modified seal ridges prevent piston from sticking in case bore
  • Billet aluminum won’t crack like OE cast piston
  • 2.540" O.D.
  • 42RE, 42RH, A904 Rear Servo Piston 22912A