• TCC codes
  • TCC slip
  • Converter shudder
  • TCC surge
  • Overheated fluid, bushings & converter


Bore wear at the spring end of the valve allows the SLT circuit and regulated converter pressure to cross leak. Bore wear at the balance end of the valve reduces converter and lube flow. Boost sleeve wear results in converter pressure bleeding into and elevating EPC.


The Sonnax secondary pressure regulator valve kit corrects circuit pressure loss and restores control over the secondary pressure regulator valve and boost valve function.

09D, TR-60SN

Secondary Pressure Regulator Valve Kit
Part No. 25741-11K

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A worn secondary pressure regulator valve in vehicles with Aisin AW TR-60SN and VW/Audi 09D transmissions can cause several problems. Overheating the fluid, bushings, and torque converter can all be caused by a worn secondary pressure regulator valve. Drivability issues include harsh Reverse engagement, TCC slip resulting in RPM surge, and poor shift quality. Sonnax secondary pressure regulator valve kit 25741-11K is designed to correct the pressure outputs from the secondary pressure regulator valve and fix these drivability issues.

  • Hardcoat anodized aluminum valve combats premature wear
  • The boost valve sleeve is highly wear-resistant to increase life
  • Annular grooves have been added to the secondary pressure regulator valve to better center the valve in the bore
  • The secondary pressure regulator valve has additional spool length to increase valve support
  • Secondary Pressure Regulator Valve
  • Boost Valve
  • Boost Sleeve

Sonnax valve body layouts provide a detailed overview of individual units making it quick and easy to determine what’s available for the specific valve body you’re working on. See all Sonnax valve body layouts.

Aisin AW TR-60SN Valve Body Layout

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Vacuum testing at the port(s) indicated fails to hold the recommended minimum in-Hg, or if wear is visually detected.

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