Servo Cover Kit
Part No. 28821-03K

Purple anodized

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GM Powerglides used for drag racing generate higher line pressure than the OE servo piston can withstand. At pressures over 200 psi, the OE piston can crack, resulting in transmission failure. Sonnax servo cover kit 28821-03K works with Sonnax piston kits 28821-01K or 28821-02K to improve transmission performance and durability under high-pressure conditions.

  • Lightweight, billet aluminum cover replaces heavy, cast-iron OE cover
  • Easy to install, no case modifications required

  • Cover O-Ring
  • Cover Purple Anodized
  • Pipe Plug
  • Hex Head Bolts (3)
  • Cover Gasket
  • Powerglide Servo Cover Kit 28821-03K