Heavy Duty Planetary Rebuild Kit
Part No. 28922-01HDK

For 1.76-style planetary

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Sonnax offers heavy duty planetary rebuild kit 28922-01HDK, which includes several heavy duty components and all the parts needed to rebuild or refresh a 1.76-style planetary, including Sonnax 1.80 and 1.69 ratio carriers. This kit is a substantial upgrade for greater reliability, wear resistance and longer service life in the Powerglide planetary.

  • Tabbed and Figure-8 thrust washers feature steel-backed bimetal for improved strength and a PTFE lining for high wear resistance
  • Figure-8 thrust washers have a wider web for increased strength
  • Rear sun gear thrust washer incorporates an enclosed thrust bearing within the thrust washer that eliminates compression and distortion of the standard thrust washer due to input shaft thrust loads
  • Hardened retainer plate

When using rear sun gears other than Sonnax current production, machining may be required to allow clearance for bearing.

  • Pinion Pins (6)
  • Needle Rollers (185)
  • Thick Pinion Roller Spacers (3)
  • Thin Pinion Roller Spacers (12)
  • HD Figure-8 Thrust Washers (3) PTFE Lining
  • HD Tabbed Thrust Washers (6) PTFE Lining
  • HD Rear Sun Gear Thrust Washer PTFE Lining
  • Retainer Plate
  • Endplay Shim
  • Screws (3)
  • Powerglide Heavy Duty Planetary Rebuild Kit 28922-01HDK