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  • 2nd Gear starts
  • No kickdown
  • No upshifts
  • Repeated governor hang-up


Sticking primary weights.


This governor bracket and spring assists the return of the primary weight.

A404, A413, A470, A670

Governor Bracket & Spring Kit
Part No. 32204-03K

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A common aftermarket fix is to install a spring inside the governor body. This approach often fails because the spring jams in the bore. The Sonnax governor bracket and spring kit 32204-03K is designed so the spring is outside the governor body, safely returning the governor valve to the at-rest position at stops.

  • The Sonnax kit is designed to return the primary weight to the at-rest position.
  • Two return springs are provided, one for 4-cylinder or turbo, and one for 6-cylinder applications.
  • The bracket and spring can be installed with the transmission in the vehicle.
  • The use of this governor bracket and return spring will slightly increase shift timing.

If weight has a through bore, use the 9-coil light spring, not the heavy spring. It is recommended to use a PTFE seal ring since cast-iron rings can contaminate governor.

  • Bracket
  • 9-Coil Light Wire Spring for 4-Cylinder or Turbo
  • 6-Coil Heavy Wire Spring for V6
  • Washers (2)
  • Bolt null 1

  • 32204 03k combo
  • 32204 03k