• Early cases without shifter bracket bosses cannot be used in '96–'97 vehicles
  • Damaged OE shifter bracket bosses


In 1996, GM added bosses to the 4L60-E and 4L80-E cases for the shifter cable bracket. 1994 and 1995 cases with neutral safety switch (NSS) bosses cannot be used in '96–'97 vehicles because there are no mounting bosses for the shift cable bracket. 1996-Later cases with mounting bracket bosses may have broken or damaged bosses.


Install 1994 and 1995 transmissions or cases into '96–'97 vehicles using the Sonnax pan-mount bracket.

4L60-E, 4L80-E, 4L85-E

Shift Cable Mount Bracket
Part No. 34913-01

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Transmission cases made in 1994 and 1995 have neutral safety switch mounting holes but do not have the top mount shifter bracket holes. Sonnax shift cable mount bracket 34913-01 allows installation of '94–95 transmissions or cases into '96–'97 vehicle that originally had case mounted shifter brackets. Additionally, if a late case has damaged or broken top mount bosses, the Sonnax bracket can be used as an alternative to correctly mount the shifter cable and allow reuse of the case.

Converts To be used in
'94–'95 4L60-E Case '96–'97 Vehicles
'94–'95 4L80-E Case '96 Vehicles
Replaces OE bracket for units with broken bosses
Bracket Stamped 15995247
'96–'00 CK Truck
'96–'05 M/L Astro Van
Bracket Stamped 15995246
'96–'97 CK Truck

When top mount bosses are broken or damaged use the Sonnax bracket as an alternative to OE brackets. Some cases may require drilling and threading of NSS bosses. Vehicles with case-mounted NSS have longer manual shafts. If using an early case in a later vehicle, be sure to install longer manual shaft.

  • 4L60-E, 4L80-E, 4L85-E Shift Cable Mount Bracket 34913-01