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  • Internal converter damage
  • Excess converter pressure
  • Low converter & converter clutch apply pressure


Worn converter clutch regulator bore and valve.


The Sonnax converter clutch regulator valve kit salvages worn pump body by restoring the converter clutch regulator circuit.

4R100, E4OD

Oversized Converter Clutch Regulator Valve Kit
Part No. 36424-11K

Fits Ford E40D and 4R100 with F1, F5, F8 and E9 stamped pump castings.

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Constant movement of the converter clutch regulator valve wears the Ford E4OD, 4R100 pump body bore. A worn bore causes high or low converter apply pressures depending on area and extent of wear. The most common is wear at the balance end, causing high converter pressure and internal converter damage. Severe wear in other areas of the bore allows large amount of converter oil to leak to exhaust, lowering converter and converter clutch apply pressure and cooler/lube flow. Use of the Sonnax oversized converter clutch regulator kit 36424-11K corrects these problems by resizing the pump body bore and restoring circuit integrity.

  • Valve is hardcoat anodized to reduce wear
  • Option of using either OE calibration spring or elevated pressure spring (which provides slightly higher, but controlled pressures) provides flexibility
  • Carbide reamer in tool kit allows bore to be resized despite hardness of pump body material
  • Valve
  • OE Calibration Spring Selective
  • Elevated Pressure Spring Selective

September 30, 2005

Anatomy of a Transmission: Oil Flow in the Pump-PR-Converter-Cooler Lube Circuits

Gregg Nader

Topics: Diagnostics And Theory Transmission

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A vacuum test at the port indicated fails to hold at least 18 in-Hg.

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