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  • Burnt intermediate clutches
  • Intermediate clutch failure
  • Direct clutch failure
  • 2-3 Slip
  • 3-2 Slip
  • No 2nd
  • 1-2 Soft
  • Delayed Reverse
  • Direct clutch burned


Clearance and movement between the case and center support allows apply fluid to leak, lowering clutch apply pressure.


Install the Clutch Feed Seals during rebuild to prevent loss of critical apply fluid.

4R100, E4OD

Intermediate & Direct Clutch Feed Seal Kit
Part No. 36424-24K

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A major cause of low clutch apply pressure, soft shifts and burned clutches is leakage between the case and the clutch feed passages in the intermediate clutch support and the center supports. There is no positive seal as oil passes from the case to either of these supports, and normal clearance, accumulated wear and movement of the supports under load combine to cause major leaks at this location. For a 100% positive seal and zero leakage, install the 36424-24K seal kits into every overhaul.

  • Drop-in seal kit for both intermediate clutch and direct clutch feeds.
  • Seals even under heavy loads when movement/flexing of center supports occurs.
  • No special tools or machining required to install.
  • Clutch Seal Intermediate
  • Seal Adapter Tube Intermediate
  • Clutch Seal Direct
  • Seal Adapter Tube Direct
  • Springs (2)
  • 36424 24k combo
  • 36424 24k

You need this if...

An inspection of the Supports reveals evidence of movement.

  • 36424 24k test