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  • Code 1744, 1783
  • Low line pressure & TCC concerns


Main pressure regulator valve bore wear.


Oversize the bore with the Sonnax tool kit and install the Sonnax oversized pressure regulator valve kit with spring sleeve and custom spring


A specially designed oversized base plate VB-06 must be mounted to the VB-FIX to accommodate the 5R110W pump body.


Oversized Pressure Regulator Valve Kit
Part No. 36940-03K

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  • Salvages pump bodies with worn pressure regulator valve bores.
  • Restores normal line pressure, eliminates related shift problems and restores cooler flow.
  • Repairs both early and late versions of 5R110W pump bodies.

Three pump generations were produced, with varying casting hardness. The Sonnax reaming tool kit used must be matched to the hardness of the pump to extend reamer life and bore finish quality. Sonnax reaming tool kit F-36940-TL3 is for use with first generation pumps, while F-36940-TL3C can be used with all pumps regardless of pump generation. See instructions for details.

  • Valve
  • Spring Sleeve/End Plug
  • Spring

May 26, 2015

Transmission Report: Learn LIVE with Sonnax!

Topics: Diagnostics And Theory Transmission Report Newsletters Valve Body Reaming Transmission Ford 5R110W Transmission 6R140 Transmission

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  • 36940 03k in combo
  • 36940 03k

You need this if...

A Wet Air Test at the balance end circuit and at the LPC/PCA solenoid circuit at the locations indicated results in leakage at the neighboring ports, or if a vacuum test at these two locations gives less than 18 of vacuum.

  • 36940 03k test