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  • Broken spring
  • Overheating
  • Delayed engagement


Spring failure, fatigue or miscalibration


Springs are made from improved material to reduce breakage. Converter relief and lube regulator spring have been calibrated to control converter charge and lube pressure.


Lube Regulator and Converter Relief Spring Kit
Part No. 37000-01K

2003 & Earlier, 6 solenoid units

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The converter regulator spring controls converter charge and feeds the lubrication circuit. When the spring becomes weak or broken, converter pressure is reduced. This causes delayed engagements, reduced torque output and increased operating temperatures.

The lube regulator spring affects converter pressure as well as lubrication pressure within the cooler and unit. When this spring breaks or becomes fatigued, converter temperature and gear train temperatures increase.

If either spring is excessively strong, both converter and cooler pressure increases. This can result in converter flex and cooler circuit cross leakage.

  • Made from improved materials for increased durability over OE
  • Drop-in replacement
  • Converter spring is recalibrated to improve converter charge and internal pressure

These springs should be replaced as a pair, due to the pressure effects on each valve.

These springs work in '03-earlier units only. These units can be identified by counting the solenoids: The earlier units have 6 solenoids. Do not use in '04-later (7-solenoid) units.

  • Lube Regulator Valve Spring 1.250"
  • Converter Relief Valve Spring 1.750"
  • Lube Regulator Valve Spring 1.250"
  • Converter Relief Valve Spring 1.750"
  • 37000 01k combo
  • 37000 01k