• Damaged washers
  • Excess endplay


The plastic material used by the OE melts or breaks under normal operation.


Install these bimetal thrust washers to prevent thrust washer breakage and ensure proper endplay.

180, 180C (3L30), 4L30-E

Thrust Washer & Shim Kit
Part No. 54701-03K

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The OE plastic 3-tab washers break or melt under normal operation in listed GM units. Sonnax 3-tab bimetal thrust washer and shim kit 54701-03K replaces the OE plastic washers in both pump and center support locations.

  • The steel tabs on the Sonnax thrust washer eliminate breakage
  • The bronze thrust surface will not melt like the OE plastic thrust washers
  • Shims provide more flexibility when setting endplay and allow for rebuilding units after thepump has been resurfaced. The Sonnax washer kit can be stacked to cover a build height from .075" through .125" in .010" increments
  • This kit contains enough parts for pump and stator support locations

The Sonnax thrust washer kit cannot be used to replace late style no-tab thrust washers.

  • 3-Tab Thrust Washers (2) .075"
  • Shims (4) .010"
  • Shims (2) .030"
  • Material: Bimetal
  • Tab Count: 3
  • Outer Dia.: 2.500"
  • Inner Dia.: 1.740"
  • Thickness: 0.074"
  • 180, 180C (3L30), 4L30-E Thrust Washer & Shim Kit 54701-03K
  • 180, 180C (3L30), 4L30-E Thrust Washer & Shim Kit 54701-03K