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  • Overdrive clutch retainer springs blow out
  • Forward clutch failure
  • Delayed Forward


The overdrive shaft is not supported by the center support.


This sleeve provides positive support for the overdrive shaft.


This part has been discontinued, but may be available from distributor inventory.

4R44E, 4R55E, 5R44E, 5R55E, A4LD

Center Support/Overdrive Shaft Sleeve
Part No. 56219-05K

Fits ’96-earlier bushing-style center supports only.

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The A4LD is designed so the overdrive shaft is supported at its tip by the output shaft. The support is not adequate enough to prevent vibration of the overdrive shaft. Often, the lack of support for the overdrive shaft allows the overdrive sprag to contact the overrun clutch retainer, causing the retainer springs to blow out. Even if contact does not occur, vibration of the overdrive shaft is transferred to the forward clutch drum and causes increased wear between the forward clutch sealing rings and the center support. Eventually the wear leads to leakage of forward clutch oil. To correct the situation Sonnax has introduced a sleeve 56219-05K.

  • Sleeve supports the overdrive shaft directly in the center support.
  • Support sleeve greatly reduces movement of the overdrive shaft, which reduces wear at the center support.
  • The 56219-05K sleeve fits into the center support without any machining required to shaft or support.
  • Sonnax also offers an installation tool for pressing the sleeve into the center support. The installation tool kit 56219-06K includes a support sleeve.
  • 56219 05k combo
  • 56219 05k