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  • Forward clutch failure
  • Delayed Forward clutch
  • Rear servo bore wear
  • Reverse band failure


Heavy scoring at the case bore for the inner piston seal allows drive oil loss, which can cause forward clutch and/or reverse band failure.


The reverse servo sleeve kit restores the function of the reverse piston and salvages the case.

4R44E, 4R55E, 5R44E, 5R55E, A4LD, C3

Reverse Servo Sleeve Kit
Part No. 56532-01K

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The reverse servo bore on the A4LD case can become scored due to repeated oscillation of the reverse servo piston within the bore during normal operation. Once this bore is damaged, the case must be scrapped. Install the Sonnax A4LD Reverse Servo Sleeve Kit 56532-01K to refurbish the case bore.

  • Kit contains a steel sleeve, O-ring and a back-up ring.
  • Instructions are included for machining the servo piston assembly by simply turning the smaller piston journal 1/16" smaller.
  • Sleeve
  • Back-up Ring
  • O-Ring
  • 56532 01k combo
  • 56532 01k