• Delayed engagement
  • Erratic shifts
  • Flare upshifts & clutch distress
  • Delayed Forward
  • No Forward
  • Delayed Reverse
  • No Reverse
  • Premature TCC apply
  • Firm TCC apply


Wear at the inboard end causes excessive feed pressure. This floods the solenoids, reduces reaction time, resulting in harsh shifting and high line pressure. Wear at the outboard spool allows fluid to leak into the sump port reducing solenoid modulator pressure. This loss has the most affect on engagements and boost oil for line pressure rise.


Sonnax wear-resistant sleeve and valve restores control of feed oil pressure sent to critical solenoids.


"A" or "B" Pilot Valve Kit
Part No. 63741-13K

Fits either of two locations. Also fits Infinity RE5R05A, Hyundai/Kia A5SR1/2 and Subaru 5EAT.

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In Jatco/Nissan RE5R05A units, pilot valve "A" feeds the line pressure modulating solenoid, and the TCC solenoid. Pilot valve "B" feeds the following solenoids: direct and input clutch, front brake band, low coast brake and high and low/Reverse. Various shift complaints, lockup apply and line pressure problems can occur depending upon which bore is worn. Sonnax "A" or "B" pilot valve kit 63741-13K allows the valve body casting to be restored. With the improved materials and valve support, the service life can be extended beyond that of the OE casting.

  • Hardcoat anodized aluminum valve combats premature wear
  • Annular grooves have been added to the valve for better centering in the bore
  • The highly wear-resistant Sonnax sleeve provides over 50% more support than the OE casting
  • New calibrated springs are included for restoring OE hydrualic pressure for either the "A" or "B" pilot valve

Tool kit F-63741-TL13 can also be used for valve kit 63741-17K.

  • Valve
  • Sleeve
  • "A" Spring Silver
  • "B" Spring Red

Sonnax valve body layouts provide a detailed overview of individual units making it quick and easy to determine what’s available for the specific valve body you’re working on. See all Sonnax valve body layouts.

Jatco/Nissan RE5R05A Valve Body Layout

Jatco/Nissan RE5R05A Valve Body Layout
  • RE5R05A "A" or "B" Pilot Valve Kit 63741-13K
  • RE5R05A "A" or "B" Pilot Valve Kit 63741-13K

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Either a Wet Air Test or a Vacuum Test in the location shown, result in leakage. Vacuum test must hold a minimum of 18.

RE5R05A "A" or "B" Pilot Valve Kit Vacuum Test Locations