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  • High line pressure
  • Low line rise
  • 1-2 Harsh
  • 1-2 Long
  • Erratic shifts


The line modulator valve bore is worn.


This oversized valve eliminates the loss of TV and line modulator oil. TV oil affects pressure rise in forward and reverse. Line modulator oil affects 2-4 accumulator and servo apply.


Oversized Line Modulator Valve Kit
Part No. 73840-27K

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Line modulator bore wear in Mazda CD4E, LA4A-EL units reduces TV oil pressure working on the main regulator valve to boost line pressure. This can be discovered during vehicle pressure testing as lower maximum line in Reverse and Drive. Lower line will result in longer soft shifts under heavier throttle or flare on 1-2 shift. The worn bore also will reduce oil pressure supplied to the 2-4 accumulator and servo apply. Harsh shifts and - in some instances - high line pressure can result if the valve will not stroke open to control/reduce 2-4 pressure.

Sonnax oversized line modulator valve kit 73840-27K allows the bore to be refurbished and hydralic integrity restored for proper line and TV/EPC pressure control.

  • Annular grooves reduce bore wear caused by side loading
  • Replacement spring provided restores OE pressures
  • Valve
  • Spring
  • 73840 27k combo
  • 73840 27k