• Broken retaining tabs on wiring harness connector
  • Connector pushes into transmission case


The plastic retention tabs that hold the wiring harness connector in place are easily broken. Once broken, the connector may push into the case.


The Sonnax metal bracket positively supports the connector and prevents it from pushing into the case even if the plastic retention tabs are broken.


Wiring Harness Connector Bracket
Part No. 73949-01

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Reinstalling a rebuilt CD4E can be tricky when it comes time to connect the wiring harness, since the brittle plastic connector tabs are prone to breakage. Once that happens, the connector can be pushed into the case. To retrieve the connector you have to pull the pan and then struggle to hold the connector in place as you connect the wiring harness.

  • Bracket connects to existing hardware inside the oil pan using existing bolts and holes.
  • Holds connector firmly in place.
  • Can be installed without having to remove solenoids or valve body.
  • No modifications to transmission necessary.
  • CD4E, LA4A-EL Wiring Harness Connector Bracket 73949-01
  • CD4E, LA4A-EL Wiring Harness Connector Bracket 73949-01