Always measure the OE valve before reaming. The inboard smallest diameter must be .505" for this reamer & replacement valve!


Tool Kit
Part No. 74846-TL6

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Tool Kit for 74846-06K

It is highly recommended that the pressure modifier valve bore be checked for wear on the F4A-EL, FA4A-EL & F4E-III units as well. Wear at this bore can result in erratic shift quality and high/low line and EPC pressures. Sonnax offers an oversized pressure modifier valve, 74846-07K, which can be used to refurbish bore wear at this location. Refer to the following chart for appropriate part numbers and applications.

  • Reamer
  • Reamer Jig
  • F4A-EL, F4E-III, F4EAT, FA4A-EL Tool Kit 74846-TL6


Cleaning & Care Techniques for Sonnax Reamers