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  • Stripped bell housing bolts


Standard Torx bits often fit loosely and damage the bell housing bolts during removal or installation of the bolts.


Use this Torx Plus bit for removingbell housing screws.

4L60-E, 4L65-E, 4L70-E

Torx® Plus Bit
Part No. 77000-HBK

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Sonnax now offers a specially designed Torx® Plus bit 77000-HBK for removing 4L60-E bell housing bolts. The bit has a tighter fit with the drive head of the bolt. This helps avoid rounding out the bolt head or the bit. It also helps prevent the bit from walking out of the bolt head. The Sonnax tool permits higher torque loads to be applied, which are often needed to remove these extra-tight bolts.

  • 77000 hbk combo
  • 77000 hbk