• Planetary failure
  • Planetary wear


Insufficient lube oil and/or excessive clearances.


This kit offers replacement parts for rebuilding damaged rear planet assemblies and gives rebuilders the option of replacing only the worn components.

4L60, 4L60-E

Planetary Rebuild Kit
Part No. 77731-RK

Fits 4-pinion rear planetary

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The rear planetary assembly in GM 4L60 (700-R4) and 4L60-E transmissions frequently wears out and must be replaced. New replacement assemblies can be costly, and the availability of quality aftermarket assembly component parts are limited. Planetary assembly wear is generally caused by insufficient lube oil and/or excessive clearances. Lack of lube causes excessive heat in the pinion gear area and causes the roller bearings to gaul the gear bores and pinion pins. If there is excessive thrust washer wear or endplay, the roller bearings can run without fully contacting the gear bore, causing premature failure of the assembly.

Sonnax rear planetary rebuild kit 77731-RK includes all parts needed for a complete four-pinion planetary rebuild, with individual components also sold separately.

  • Helical pinion gear crafted from case-hardened alloy steel
  • Pinion needle rollers are specifically toleranced for use with matching pins and gears
  • Through-hardened steel round washers help eliminate needle roller thrust wear
  • Pinion pins feature lube holes to reduce planetary burn-up
  • Solid bronze batwing washers eliminate spin and protect against rapid wear.
  • Pinion Gears (4) Helical
  • Pinion Pins (4)
  • Pinion Needle Rollers (80)
  • Round Washers (8)
  • Batwing Washers (8)
  • 4L60, 4L60-E Planetary Rebuild Kit 77731-RK