4L60, 4L60-E, 4L65-E, 4L70-E

Servo Pin Kit
Part No. 77787-02K

Extra long pin, with seals

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The servo pin in Sonnax servo pin kit 77787-02K is longer than the longest OE pin in GM 4L60/4L60-E applications. The extra length simplifies adjustment, eliminating the need for adding length to the pin. Made from chromoly steel, it is durable enough for high performance applications as well as stock replacement. Dual PTFE seals have been added to improve sealing in the case bore and an O-ring has been added to improve sealing between the pin and the 2nd Gear servo. The Sonnax servo pin is fully compatible with OE and aftermarket servos.

  • O-ring seal between pin and 2nd Gear piston
  • Two PTFE rings seal pinto bore
  • Servo pin is made from chromoly steel
  • Kit includes all necessary seals
  • Pin
  • PTFE Seals (2)
  • O-Ring

June 06, 2018

All Over the Map: Attacking 4L60/E Burnt 3-4 Clutches with Confidence

Brian Wing

Topics: Shop Practices Transmission GM 4L70-E Transmission 4L60-E Transmission 4L65-E Transmission 4L60 Transmission

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