• Soft slide shifts
  • 3-4 Clutch burned
  • Reduced band life


MTV boost loss and insufficient line rise.


Sonnax TV boost valve kits prevent oil loss between the outside diameter of the TV sleeve and the pump body.

200-4R, 4L60

TV Boost Valve Kit
Part No. 77917-02K

.423" Dia., Factory-Style Sleeve

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A common problem in GM 200-4R and 4L60 transmissions is burned bands and/or 3-4 clutches. This failure can be reduced by eliminating throttle boost oil leakage. Sonnax TV boost valve kits 77917-02K (.423" dia.), 77917-03K (.471" dia.) and 77917-04K (.500" dia.) eliminate these problems in a variety of applications. For V6 applications and smaller vehicles, use Sonnax TV boost valve kit 77917-02K.

  • Throttle valve boost valve and sleeve are manufactured from hardened steel for better wear resistance
  • Kits available in three sizes for .423", .471" and .500" diameters for a variety of applications
Sonnax Part No. Sleeve Dia. Performance Applications
77917-02K .423" dia. Minimum line pressure for V6 applications and smaller vehicles
77917-03K .471" dia. Higher line pressure for towing and off-road
77917-04K .500" dia. Maximum line pressure and shift feel for high performance applications

  • Valve
  • Sleeve

Sonnax valve body layouts provide a detailed overview of individual units making it quick and easy to determine what’s available for the specific valve body you’re working on. See all Sonnax valve body layouts.

GM 200-4R Valve Body Layout

GM 200-4R Valve Body Layout
  • 200-4R, 4L60 TV Boost Valve Kit 77917-02K
  • 200-4R, 4L60 TV Boost Valve Kit 77917-02K