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  • Damaged 2nd clutch piston seal
  • Damaged 3rd clutch piston seal
  • Wear & damage in accumulator cover


OE design allows angled contact between accumulator pistons and covers, creating aluminum burrs which break free and cause accumulator and clutch piston seal damage.


This Sonnax piston stop is an easily installed kit that provides a positive stop for the 1-2 and 2-3 accumulator pistons.


Accumulator Piston Stop Kit
Part No. 84528-01K

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Angled contact between accumulator pistons and covers generate aluminum burrs on the 4T65-E accumulator housing cover. The aluminum burrs can break free and cause damage to accumulator piston seals and 2nd and 3rd clutch piston seals. Removing existing burrs or installing a new cover does not prevent additional burrs from being created or breaking free. The Sonnax accumulator piston stop kit 84258-01K is an easily installed upgrade that provides a positive stopfor the pistons and prevents burrs from being generated.

  • Eliminates generation of metal burrs in clutch oilcircuits
  • Simple installation, no special tools required
  • Salvages accumulator covers
  • Piston Stops (2)
  • Button Head Cap Screws (4)
  • 84528 01k combo
  • 84528 01k

You need this if...

The accumulator cover has burrs or damaged and worn OE piston stops (Figure 1).

  • 84528 01k test