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  • Differential lube failure
  • Difficulty in retaining differential lube tube


The differential lube tube is not mechanically retained. With heat and pressure the lube tube can move out of the accumulator housing and into the rubber hose section, causing a loss of lube oil.


This clamp is designed to clamp the differential lube tube to the forward servo tube, preventing movement of the differential lube tube.

4T60-E, 4T65-E

Differential Lube Tube Retainer Kit
Part No. 84532-01K

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The flexible hose for the differential lube tube line softens as temperature increases in the 4T60-E and 4T65-E units, causing pressure in the line to blow the steel tube out of the accumulator cover, resulting in loss of critical lube oil.

The Sonnax differential lube tube retainer kit 84532-01K clamps the lube tube securely in place, preventing loss of critical lube oil.

  • Top Clamp
  • Bottom Clamp
  • Screw
  • 84532 01k combo