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  • B Clutch breakage
  • Erratic line pressure
  • Poor shift quality
  • Delayed Reverse
  • No Reverse


Excessive valve and bore clearance due to wear.


The Sonnax oversized valve corrects valve-to-bore clearances and also prevents future wear in this area.


Oversized Pressure Regulator Valve
Part No. 85755-01

Early style, E17 vlave body

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  • Oversized valves have annular oil grooves to support the valve and reduce wear rate.
  • Salvages valve body castings.
  • Tooling cost recovered in a few jobs

There are two types of ZF5HP19 valve bodies. Version 1, the E17, has a valve with four spools on it, and the speed sensor is mounted on the valve body. Version 1 is used in Audi & VW units only. Version 2, the E18.2, has a valve with five spools on it, and the speed sensor is mounted on the transmission case. Version 2 is used in Audi, VW & BMW units.

  • 85755 01 combo
  • 85755 01

You need this if...

Inspection indicates visible bore wear or a vacuum test performed at locations indicated below yields less than 19" of vacuum.

  • 85755 01 02 test