• Bushing spins in housing
  • Pump damaged
  • Pump leaks
  • Delayed Forward


Excessive bushing and shaft clearance caused by normal wear.


The Sonnax bushing allows salvage of the pump by oversizing the housing bore for installation of a new, tightly toleranced bushing


Oversized Pump Bushing
Part No. 85916-01

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Normal operation of the ZF5HP19 transmission causes wear that leads to excessive bushing and shaft clearance. Sonnax oversized pump bushings 85916-01 and 85916-01U contain one pump bushing each to allow rebuilders to salvage pumps with damaged bushing bores.

  • Oversized precision bushing 85916-01 allows rebuilders to salvage costly pumps with damaged bushing bores
  • Oversized finish-in-place bushing 85916-01U allows rebuilder to salvage pumps with damaged bushing bores, and set clearance with converter hub
  • Tightly toleranced, bimetal

Bushings are oversized precision bushings for damaged pump housings. The pump-housing bushing-bore I.D. will require machining. Bore pump housing to 2.0020” (50.85mm) plus zero/minus .0015” (0.040mm). Outside of pump and front seal bore are both concentric to original pump bushing bore so either can used for centering pump prior to machining. Original housing bore is 1.9693" (50.020mm).

  • Bushing Style: Precision
  • Material: Bimetal
  • Width: 0.533"
  • Shaft Dia.: 1.774"
  • Housing Bore: 2.002"
  • ZF5HP19 Oversized Pump Bushing 85916-01
  • ZF5HP19 Oversized Pump Bushing 85916-01