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  • Hydraulic bind on accelerator linkage
  • Low line pressure
  • Poor throttle pressure control
  • No upshifts
  • No kickdown
  • Sensitive shift timing
  • Late upshifts


Wear on the throttle control valve and/or throttle plunger sleeves from the steel valves can allow TV oil to exhaust.


The drop-in replacement throttle sleeves are manufactured from highly wear-resistant aluminum to eliminate cross leaks


Throttle Control Valve Sleeve
Part No. 86940-03

Hard-coat annodized aluminum

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Vehicles with an ATX transmission frequently experience poor throttle pressure control, very late or no upshifts and a hydraulic bind on accelerator linkage. These complaints can be the result of a worn throttle control valve sleeve. The hardened steel throttle control valve continuously reciprocates in the aluminum sleeve. This wears the inside diameter of the sleeve and allows oil crossleakage. Regulated TV oil can become open to exhaust, resulting in throttle pressure and shift problems. If TV balance oil leaks, the result can be very late or no upshifts. The Sonnax replacement throttle control valve sleeve 86940-03 eliminates these problems, while our throttle plunger sleeve 86940-01 is designed to resist the wear from the throttle plunger, which can result in sensitive shift timing, low line pressure and/or no kickdown.

  • Both sleeves are held to tight tolerances to restore sealing integrity with OE valves.
  • Both sleeves manufactured from highly wear-resistant aluminum to prevent wear.
  • Drop-in replacement sleeves reuse OE valves and require no machining of valve body
  • Material: Aluminum
  • 86940 03 combo
  • 86940 03