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  • Low line rise
  • Soft shifts


Incorrect or soft factory calibration of linear solenoids, which can be aggravated by low line pressure.


This special tool is designed to fit the pentagonal-shaped recesses in clutch pressure control solenoid adjuster screws, allowing them to be calibrated for firmer shifts.

Honda, Acura 4-Speed, 3-Shaft, Honda, Acura 5-Speed

Solenoid Adjustment Tool
Part No. 88950-T

Fits '96-later units

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Honda/Acura 4-speed (3-shaft) and 5-speed transmissions often exhibit soft shifts and/or low line pressure rise. These concerns can be caused by incorrect or soft factory calibration of the clutch pressure control solenoids (CPCS), and further aggravated if there is line pressure leakage within the transmission. The PCM controls shift feel and overlap through CPCS A and B in conjunction with shift control solenoid C. Adjusting CPCS A and B can result in firmer shifts and increased line rise. Sonnax has developed pentagonal-shaped solenoid adjustment tool 88950-T to fit the recesses of solenoid adjuster screws.

  • Allows proper adjustment of solenoid block
  • Transmission removal not necessary

January 16, 2014

Honda/Acura 4/5 Speed Identification Guide

Topics: Identification Guides Transmission Honda/Acura Honda, Acura 4-Speed, 3-Shaft Transmission Honda, Acura 5-Speed Transmission

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