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  • Repeated clutch failure
  • Soft upshifts
  • Delayed Reverse
  • High line pressure in Reverse


Severe wear of the boost valve assembly allows TV and reverse boost oil leakage.


The closely toleranced replacement boost valve and sleeve restores hydraulic integrity and prevents oil leakage.

A130, A131, A140

Boost Valve Kit
Part No. 89010-02K

High Ratio

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Toyota vehicles equipped with an A130, A131, and A140 transaxle may exhibit insufficient line rise in the drive ranges and excessively high pressures in reverse. This may be caused by extreme wear of the boost sleeve. Wear allows TV oil to exhaust through the manual valve in drive ranges, and reverse oil can enter the TV circuit forcing the pressure regulator valve into a high pressure position. The Sonnax boost valve and sleeve kits 89010-01K & 89010-02K will restore the hydraulic integrity of these circuits by preventing cross leakage.

  • Sleeves are made from high-quality aluminum for better wear resistance.
  • Valves are made of hard-coat anodized aluminum to prevent wear.
  • Outperforms the OEM parts

Replaces Sonnax sleeve-only kits, 89010-01 and 89010-02.

  • Sleeve
  • Valve
  • 89010 02k combo
  • 89010 02k