• TCC slip
  • Lockup shudder
  • Low cooler flow
  • Erratic switch codes
  • Erratic coastdown bumps
  • 2-1 Soft
  • 1-2 Long


The cooler bypass valve may be stuck open, reducing converter apply pressure.


This drop-in bypass plug disables the OEM bypass valve and directs all fluid through the cooler.

40TE, 41AE, 41TE

Bypass Plug
Part No. 92836-01K

1994-1997 units with internal bypass.

Package Quantity: 2

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Chrysler 41TE units ('94 to '97 with internal bypass valve) include a bypass valve in the transmission case. The intent of the bypass valve is to re-route ATF flow from the cooler to the lube circuit if (and only if) there is a blockage in the cooler. Often, the OE bypass becomes stuck in the open position due to wear or contamination. With the bypass valve constantly open, much of the ATF does not pass through the cooler. This can lead to overheating. Also, with the bypass valve stuck open, fluid pressure is relieved from the system. If the pump volume cannot replace the relieved pressure, then system pressure will remain low and lead to converter clutch slippage.

  • Cooler flow can be restored without removing unit from vehicle
  • Drop-in Zip Valve™ installs quickly and easily
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Previous Sonnax instructions indicated that the 92836-01K could be used in 42LE applications. It has come to our attention that many (especially late model) 42LE cases were not drilled consistently and will not accept the bypass plug.

OE bypass valve does not have to be removed to install Sonnax bypass plug.

  • 40TE, 41AE, 41TE Bypass Plug 92836-01K
  • 40TE, 41AE, 41TE Bypass Plug 92836-01K