• Blown filters
  • Delayed Reverse with harsh engagement
  • No Reverse
  • Poor line pressure control


Continuous pressure regulator valve oscillation wears the casting bore, allowing pressure leakage.


Sonnax highly wear-resistant pressure regulator sleeve re-establishes the hydraulic integrity of the circuits and salvages the valve body. Replacement valve available separately to replace worn or missing OE version.


Required tool kit 95200-TL is no longer in production. Check with your distributor for availability.


Pressure Regulator Sleeve Kit
Part No. 95200-05K

Fits Type 1 or Type 2 valve bodies

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In Saturn TAAT units, the pressure regulator valve is electronically controlled and oscillates continuously in the casting bore, causing excessive wear. This wear will prevent proper stroking of the valve and line pressure will go higher or lower than commanded. The hydraulic integrity of the circuit can be re-established by using the highly wear-resistant Sonnax pressure regulator sleeve kit 95200-05K with the OE pressure regulator valve. A new OE-sized Sonnax pressure regulator valve 95200-06 is now available when the casting has been remanufactured or the original valve is damaged.

  • Valve and sleeve available separately since both are not required in all instances
  • Sleeve provides more contact area with the valve and reinforces the bore, which can be compromised by wear and the excessive porosity of the valve body casting
  • Sleeve and tool kit can be used with previously remanufactured castings that have worn again with an oversized valve
  • Sleeve
  • Retaining Clip
  • TAAT Pressure Regulator Sleeve Kit 95200-05K
  • TAAT Pressure Regulator Sleeve Kit 95200-05K

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