• Loss of lube oil
  • Lower sun gear shell bushings wear prematurely


OE and aftermarket bushings are too narrow for application.


This wider bushing gives more support and reduces shaft-to-bushing clearance.


Sun Gear Bushing
Part No. 96009-01

Front Sun Gear Shell, 1988-1992, Upgraded

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In vehicles with AXOD & E ('88-'92) transmissions it is common for the lower sun gear bushing to wear. The sun gear holds two bushings, an upper and lower bushing. The upgraded Sonnax bushing 96009-01 replaces the lower and upper sun gear bushings.

  • The Sonnax bushing is 50% wider for better support.
  • Bushing has less bushing-to-shaft clearance than other available bushings.

Beginning in 1989 the upper bushing was used only to control oil flow, and is not used to support the sun gear.

  • Material: Bimetal
  • Bearing Style: Precision
  • Housing Bore: 1.582"
  • Shaft Dia.: 1.455"
  • Assembled Height: 0.578"
  • Width: 0.578"
  • AX4S, AXOD, AXODE Sun Gear Bushing 96009-01
  • AX4S, AXOD, AXODE Sun Gear Bushing 96009-01