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  • 3-2 Coastdown Neutral
  • No upshifts


The valve constantly bangs the clip, resulting in broken clips that get lodged and sometimes damage the end of the valve.


This valve saver cap and retainer clip allows reuse of the 3-2 shift timing valve, and prevents future damage.


3-2 Timing Valve Saver Cap Kit
Part No. 96201-15K

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Continuous banging of the 3-2 shift timing valve spring stem against the steel retainer results in damaged valves and/or broken retainers. Sonnax has designed a valve saver cap and retainer kit, 96201-15K, to salvage a damaged 3-2 shift timing valve.

  • Steel end cap allows valve salvage and prevents future damage.
  • Replacement retainer also included.
  • Caps (5)
  • Retainer Clips (5)
  • 96201 15k combo
  • 96201 15k