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  • 3-2 Coastdown Neutral
  • 3-2 Slide bump
  • No upshifts


Damage to the valve caused by continuous banging against the retainer.


Install the Sonnax 3-2 shift timing valve kit to restore proper function.


3-2 Shift Timing Valve Kit
Part No. 96201-29K

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In Ford AXODE, AX4S units, the small diameter front spring stem of the aluminum OE 3-2 shift timing valve impacts the thin steel retainer when stroked. The force of this constant hammering can damge the thin OE retainer. Once the retainer is damaged the valve can be side loaded, which may bend the valve and cause it to stick or even seize in the bore. The Sonnax 3-2 shift timing valve kit 96201-29K will restore proper function.

  • Valve has increased spring stem area for additional support
  • More durable retainer than OE

Bore sizing tool 96201-BST29 is no longer in production. Contact your distributor to see if they still have this product available.

  • Valve
  • Retainer
  • 96201 29k combo
  • 96201 29k