The spring stem of the OEM valve repeatedly bangs the clip, resulting in damaged bore components and a stuck valve.


Resize the bore with this sizing tool and install the replacement valve with multiple improved features.


Bore Sizing Tool
Part No. 96201-BST

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The forward clutch control valve strokes to turn the forward clutch on and off. Each time it strokes to the on position, the valve's narrow spring stem bangs against the steel retainer. This constant banging can eventually break the retainer. The broken retainer forces the valve off center, often bending the valve, or worse, the valve pushes right through the retainer. The problem depends on where the valve sticks, and whether the valve has broken through the plate. Sonnax has developed a replacement valve kit 96201-16K that corrects these problems.

  • Valve has a longer and sturdier spool, eliminating the OE stem and allows a larger contact area with the retainer, preventing the valve from bending or breaking.
  • Annular grooves are added to the spool to properly center the valve and prevent wear.
  • Valve kit includes a replacement spring and retainer.
  • Bore can be quickly and easily resized using the Sonnax resizing tool 96201-BST.

This valve does not require a reamer. The bore sizing tool restores the original bore.

  • AX4S, AXODE Bore Sizing Tool 96201-BST