• No movement
  • Retaining ring pops out of groove


OEM retaining ring does not fill groove axially, allowing it to pop out.


This retaining ring is thicker and fits more securely in the groove, eliminating excess clearance that leads to the ring popping out.


Retaining Ring
Part No. 96730-RR

Rear Ring Gear

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A common complaint in vehicles with AXOD & E, and AX4S transmissions is that the retaining ring securing the front and reverse planetary assemblies into the rear ring gear becomes loose and pops out. This can result in no movement situations. This is often due to a retaining ring that is too thin axially, which allows excessive clearance within the rear ring gear groove, causing it to flex and pop out. Install the Sonnax AXOD & E Rear Ring Gear Retaining Ring 96730-RR.

  • The Sonnax retaining ring is thicker, and fits more securely within the groove.
  • AX4S, AXOD, AXODE Retaining Ring 96730-RR