• Flare shifts
  • Bump shifts
  • Flare downshifts
  • Slide shifts
  • Burnt clutches
  • Poor Reverse engagement


CPC valve bore wear causes loss of clutch apply pressure, resulting in flare up/downshifts. Bore wear also can cause clutch pressure to be improperly reduced, resulting in harsh up/downshifts. Improper clutch pressure control also can affect TCC operation.


Ream the CPC valve bore and install the oversized CPC valve kit to restore hydraulic control of clutch pressures.

Honda, Acura 4-Speed, 3-Shaft, Honda, Acura 5-Speed

Oversized CPC Valve Kit
Part No. 98892-23K

See Appplication Chart below for detailed guide

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Some Honda 4/5 speed automatic transmissions may have undesirable up/downshifts caused by worn CPC valves. These shifting problems can vary depending on the specific application (see chart). As bore wear for CPC A, B or C become excessive, control over clutch apply and release pressure is lost. If clutch pressure is not properly reduced, the up/downshifts can be harsh. If bore wear results in a loss of clutch apply pressure, a flare up/downshift occurs and friction elements overheat. Depending on application, the CPC valves also can affect TCC engagement and control. Proper shifting and, in some cases TCC function, can be restored by installing the Sonnax oversized CPC valve kit 98892-23K.

  • Valve has annular grooves for better centering in bore
  • Valve is hardcoat anodized to resist wear
  • Valve utilizes metering notches for smoother function
Honda 5-Speed 98892-23K Application Chart
MakeModelYearsTrans Code.
Acura 3.0CL 1996 2000 B7ZA
Acura 3.0CL 1996 2000 M7ZA
Acura 3.2CL 2001 2006 BGFA
Acura 3.2CL 2001 2006 MGFA
Acura 3.2TL 1999 1999 B7VA
Acura 3.2TL 2000 2003 M7WA
Acura 3.2TL 2001 2003 B7WA
Acura MDX 2001 2002 BGHA
Acura MDX 2001 2002 MGHA
Acura MDX 2003 2004 MDKA
Acura MDX 2005 2006 BDKA
Acura MDX 2007 2011 BYFA
Acura RDX 2007 2011 BWEA
Acura RL 2005 2011 MJBA
Acura TL 2004 2008 BDGA
Acura TL Type S 2007 2008 BDHA
Acura TL Type S 2009 2011 BK3A
Acura TL Type S 2009 2011 BK4A
Acura TSX 2010 2011 MM2A
Honda Accord 1998 2002 B7XA
Honda Accord 2003 2007 BAYA
Honda Accord 2003 2007 MAYA
Honda Accord 2008 2011 B97A
Honda Accord 2010 2010 P79A
Honda Accord Hybrid 2005 2007 MURA
Honda Crosstour 2010 2011 BBSA
Honda Crosstour 2010 2011 BBTA
Honda Odyssey 1999 2001 B7TA
Honda Odyssey 1999 2001 B7YA
Honda Odyssey 2002 2004 BYBA
Honda Odyssey 2005 2007 BGRA
Honda Odyssey 2005 2007 PGRA
Honda Odyssey 2007 2011 B36A
Honda Odyssey 2007 2011 P36A
Honda Pilot 2003 2007 BVGA
Honda Pilot 2003 2007 BVLA
Honda Pilot 2003 2007 PVGA
Honda Pilot 2003 2007 PVLA
Honda Pilot 2008 2008 P34A
Honda Pilot 2008 2008 P35A
Honda Pilot 2009 2011 PN3A
Honda Pilot 2009 2011 PN4A
Honda Ridgeline 2006 2008 BJFA
Honda Ridgeline 2006 2008 MJFA
Honda Ridgeline 2009 2011 PSFA
Honda Vue 2004 2007 MDPA
Honda Vue 2004 2007 MDRA

Some valve bodies may contain multiple CPC valves. Each kit will repair one location. Casting appearances and locations vary.

  • Valve
  • End Plug

Sonnax valve body layouts provide a detailed overview of individual units making it quick and easy to determine what’s available for the specific valve body you’re working on. See all Sonnax valve body layouts.

Honda/Acura 4-Speed, 3-Shaft & 5-Speed Valve Body Layout

Honda/Acura 4-Speed, 3-Shaft & 5-Speed Valve Body Layout
  • Honda, Acura 4-Speed, 3-Shaft, Honda, Acura 5-Speed Oversized CPC Valve Kit 98892-23K
  • Honda, Acura 4-Speed, 3-Shaft, Honda, Acura 5-Speed Oversized CPC Valve Kit 98892-23K

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A vacuum test at the port indicated fails to hold at least 18 in-Hg.

Honda, Acura 4-Speed, 3-Shaft, Honda, Acura 5-Speed Oversized CPC Valve Kit Vacuum Test Locations