• Cooler flow needs to be verified while driving
  • Lube failures due to lack of cooler flow


Inadequate cooler flow due to blocked cooler and/or valve body problems.


Temporarily install the SonnaFlow into your cooler line to verify adequate cooler/lube flow while driving the vehicle.

SonnaFlow® Kit
Part No. FM-01KA

Includes Technical Manual (Part Number FM-22)

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The SonnaFlow® Kit FM-01KA provides a reliable and accurate way to detect flow-related transmission problems during vehicle road tests or on a dynamometer. This innovative flow meter diagnostic tool kit measures ATF cooler flow rates in gallons per minute and can be connected to a lab scope with the addition of an optional output signal adapter kit FM-03K, resulting in digital output that can be graphed and recorded. Standard components include a meter featuring large display numbers and a low-flow warning light, flow sensor, technical manual, starter kit of fittings, detachable power cord, 12' insulated signal cable and durable electrical connectors.

The SonnaFlow is not meant for permanent installation or for prolonged use. The SonnaFlow meter is spliced into the return line from the radiator to the transmission case, and should be removed after testing. It can be installed in any vehicle, whether the cooler return line is made of rubber or metal (metal return lines require a separate adapter). The power cord connects to the cigarette adapter, or can be modified for direct connection to the fuse box or the battery.

  • Verifies cooler flow under actual driving conditions
  • Can be used to verify valve stroke and hydraulic response to commands
  • Technical manual provides typical normal and poor cooler flow parameters for most common transmission applications
  • Updated technical manual charts available
  • Display Box
  • Hanging Bracket
  • Flow Sensor
  • Signal Cable with Heat Shield
  • Hose Sections with Brass Fittings (2)
  • 5/16" Brass Barbed Fittings (2)
  • 3/8" Brass Barbed Fittings (2)
  • 5/16" Hose Mender
  • 3/8" Hose Mender
  • Rubber Caps (2)
  • Hose Clamps (2)
  • Suction Cup
  • Power Cord
  • Tool Box
  • Technical Manual

  •  SonnaFlow® Kit FM-01KA