SonnaFlow diagnostic kit FM-01KA is no longer in production. Check with your distributor for availability.

SonnaFlow® Output Signal Adapter Kit
Part No. FM-03K

For use with SonnaFlow flow meter diagnostic kit FM-01KA

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The SonnaFlow output signal adapter kit FM-03K allows the ATF cooler flow rate data from the SonnaFlow flow meter diagnostic tool kit FM-01KA to be connected to a lab scope or digital graphing multimeter such as the Snap-On Vantage. This allows flow data to be viewed in graph form, and can be used to identify subtle flow variations related to shift points or other transmission activity. The output signal adapter installs between the SonnaFlow signal cable and display box as shown.

A heat shrink tube is supplied in this kit to reinforce the connection between the output signal adapter and the signal cable. Use of the heat shrink tubing is optional.

  • The output signal adapter will feed live data (Hz frequency) from the flow sensor to an attached DGMM (digital graphing multimeter) or Lab Scope
  • Works well to monitor, record and store SonnaFlow data during a long road test
  • Data can be easily reviewed, stored and shown to the customer

This kit is intended to be used with the SonnaFlow flow meter diagnostic took kit FM-01KA.

  • Output Signal Adapter
  • Heat Shrink Tube
  •  SonnaFlow® Output Signal Adapter Kit FM-03K