Slippery Stick
Part No. O-LUBE

Specially formulated lubricant to facilitate O-ring & seal installation

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Sonnax Slippery Stick O-LUBE is a specially formulated lubricant to ease in the installation of boost sleeves with O-rings. This lubricant has adhesive properties to approximately 80°F (27°C), allowing O-rings, rubber lip seals and PTFE rings to be stuck in place to help prevent cutting or rolling.

Slippery Stick also offers a convenient way to position seals during assembly. The lubricant will melt and dissipate safely into ATF at approximately 145°F (63°C). Use an amount sufficient to hold the seal, but yet allow low-temperature fluid to lift the seal.

  • Prevents cutting and rolling of rings and seals
  • Holds seals in place during assembly
  • Dissipates safely into ATF at operating temperatures
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