• Pump noise
  • Pump rotor damage
  • Clutch & band failures
  • Erratic line pressure
  • Non-adjustable (high) throttle pressure
  • 1-2 Flare
  • 2-3 Flare
  • 2-1 Clunk
  • No 4th
  • No Forward
  • Forward slip
  • Reverse slip
  • Harsh Reverse
  • Delayed engagement
  • TCC cycling
  • TCC surge
  • Code 741, 1741, 1744
  • TCC apply & release concerns
  • TCC codes & overheating


The Sure Cure® Kit

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Sonnax Sure Cure Kits combine the best Sonnax products into one box, offering rebuilders a convenient and cost-effective way to address common transmission problems. These kits simplify ordering, stocking and estimating job costs, and include easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions that cover the inspection and repair of the most critical areas of the unit, and even a reference list of rebuilding specifications.

  • Forward Control Valve Kit
  • Relief Valves (2)
  • Low/Intermediate Servo Spring Retainer Clip
  • Backout Valve Clip
  • 1-2 Capacity Modulator Valve Retainer
  • 3-2 Timing Valve Saver Cap Kit
  • Bypass TCC Control Plunger Valve Kit
  • Retaining Ring Rear Ring Gear
  • 3-2 Timing Valve Retainer
  • Oil Pump Shaft Plug
  • Boost Valve Kit

Sonnax valve body layouts provide a detailed overview of individual units making it quick and easy to determine what’s available for the specific valve body you’re working on. See all Sonnax valve body layouts.

Ford AX4S, AXOD, AXODE Valve Body Layout

Ford AX4S, AXOD, AXODE Valve Body Layout
  • AX4S, AXODE The Sure Cure® Kit SC-AXODE

You guys are the best in the business. I was especially happy with the Sure Cure kit SC-AXODE that I used on my personal daily driver 2003 Mercury Sable. Thanks Sonnax for all you do!

R. Robertson
Salton Sea Beach, CA

Sonnax Sure Cure® Kits

Comprehensive Kit for Big Problems You Don't Want Back

Knowing exactly what parts to replace in troublesome transmissions is an ever-increasing challenge, but Sonnax Sure Cure kits solve this problem for you. Each kit is a comprehensive reconditioning package featuring the best Sonnax products developed to help rebuilders restore and enhance transmission performance.

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