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4L60, 4L60-E

Heavy Duty Input Shaft
Part No. 77733-10S

TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK. For '85-later units with 298mm converter, 30-spline input shaft. For '82-'84 units with 27-spline input shaft, converter and stator shaft will need to be updated to '85-later design.

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Input shaft failure is a common problem in GM 4L60 and 4L60-E units as power levels are increased. Sonnax heavy duty input shaft 77733-10S for 298mm torque converter units is ideal for any high-horsepower street or strip application. The shaft is manufactured from a specially heat-treated steel with very hard outer layers and a more ductile inner core for strength and resistance to fracture. The feedholes are chamfered to reduce stress, and the shaft is further processed by shot peening and deep cryogenic treatment.

  • High strength steel ideal for high performance applications
  • Shot peened and cryogenically treated for extreme durability
  • Unique design protects against failure from stress cracks
  • 4L60, 4L60-E Heavy Duty Input Shaft 77733-10S


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