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  • Burnt brake clutches
  • Burnt clutches
  • Clutch slippage
  • Harsh shifts
  • High line pressure
  • Low converter pressure
  • Low line pressure
  • Soft shifts
  • Low line rise
  • High line pressure in Reverse
  • Erratic shifts


Continuous oscillation of the pressure regulator valve causes bore wear, which results in line pressure deviation and valve instability. Reverse boost sleeve wear allows reverse pressure and SLT oil leakage.


Recover hydraulic control and renew performance by reconditioning the bore and installing the Sonnax oversized primary pressure regulator and reverse boost valve kit.

U660E, U660F, U760E, U760F

Oversized Primary Pressure Regulator & Reverse Boost Valve Kit
Part No. 47740-02K

Kit can be used to replace either OE ratio.

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Toyota/Lexus vehicles equipped with U660E/F, U760E/F units commonly exhibit a number of symptoms related to line pressure instability. A few of these concerns are poor line rise and clutch/brake slippage, higher than normal pressures in reverse, erratic shifts and low converter feed pressure. These issues can frequently be traced to excess wear in the primary pressure regulator valve bore. To address these problems and restore full hydraulic control, Sonnax offers oversized primary pressure regulator and reverse boost valve kit 47740-02K.

  • Hardcoat anodized aluminum valves combat premature wear
  • Annular grooves on the valve help center it in the bore to reduce future side-load wear
  • Wear-resistant aluminum boost sleeve
  • Dual-ratio reverse boost valve assembly can be used with either OE ratio
  • Pressure Regulator Valve
  • Boost Valve
  • Boost Sleeve
  • Spring
  • Cup Plugs (2) 1 Extra

Sonnax valve body layouts provide a detailed overview of individual units making it quick and easy to determine what’s available for the specific valve body you’re working on. See all Sonnax valve body layouts.

Toyota U660E/F, U760E/F Valve Body Layout

U660ef vbl thumb

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  • 47740 02k combo
  • 47740 02k

You need this if...

Vacuum tests at the ports indicated fail to hold at least 18 in-Hg.

  • 47740 02k in test