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Extreme Duty Output Shaft Kit
Part No. 22173D-01K

For use in 2003-2006 4WD models with NV271 or NV273 transfer cases.

OE Part No. 5093156AA

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Delivering outstanding protection against Chrysler 48RE shaft breakage, Sonnax extreme duty output shaft kit 22173D-01K features a unique combination of innovative engineering and quality manufacturing. Stronger materials typically used for improving weak parts can’t overcome the OE shaft’s small, 23-spline cross section. In addition to a materials upgrade, the Sonnax shaft features a significantly larger, 29-spline configuration that is based on the OE manual transmission spline.

  • Larger diameter allows for increased cross-section to protect against breakage
  • High-strength alloy balances the toughness required for shaft strength with the deep case hardness required for the one-way clutch race that is an integral part of the shaft
  • Includes a matching New Venture 271/273 input gear shortened to match the installation depth of the 48RE transmission
  • Requires transfer case disassembly.
  • Not for use in 2WD or earlier 47RE applications with NV241 transfer case.
  • Transfer Case Input Shaft
  • Output Shaft with Bushings

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