Different valve body styles do not interchange! Installing the wrong valve body will cause catastrophic failure. See ID guide to correctly identify this valve body.

09G, 09K, 09M, TF-60SN

Remanufactured Valve Body
Part No. AW6VWF2

'13-Earlier, Large Cans, Remote Cooler, with Switches

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This valve body is available to distributors through the R&R service only.

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  • 09G, 09K, 09M, TF-60SN Remanufactured Valve Body AW6VWF2

09G, TF-60SN Valve Body Identification

Accurate valve body identification is crucial as the styles DO NOT interchange. Installing the wrong valve body will result in a lack of lubrication to the gear train, causing catastrophic failure.

To correctly identify this valve body, you must determine:

  • If you have large- or small-can linear solenoids
  • The location of the cooler (on the case or remote)
  • If you require pressure switches

Part Number Chart

Part NumberCan SizeCooler LocationPressure Switches
AW6VWF4 (Warranty Only)LargeRemoteNo
AW6VWF7 (Warranty Only)SmallCaseNo
AW6VWF8 (Warranty Only)SmallRemoteNo

Linear Solenoid Can Size Identification

Large Solenoid Cans
1" dia.
Small Solenoid Cans
.75" dia.

Cooler Location

You can determine the cooler location by checking which hole is open in the separator plate.

  • If hole "A" is open and hole "B" is closed, the cooler is mounted on the case.
  • If hole "B" is open and hole "A" is closed, the transaxle has cooler lines & a remote cooler.

In the example shown, it would be a remote cooler.

Pressure Switches

Models produced through June of 2004 WILL have pressure switches. Models produced beginning in July of 2004 WILL NOT have pressure switches. See RED ARROWS for location of switches.

PLEASE NOTE: The switches have nothing to do with the cooler location.